Project with Red Emma's, LLC

Working capital for coffee and labeling.

Baltimore, United States
September 03, 2013
US $ 10,000.00
Project with Radix Media

Purchase of a professional level machine to take the business out of prototype and into real production.

New York, United States
January 28, 2013
US $ 9,602.00
Project with Textile Factory

Line of credit of raw material purchases for the LIC-based textile factory. The raw material purchases include the cotton and damask fabrics as well as pink and blue embroidery.

New York City, United States
September 24, 2012
US $ 16,000.00
Project with New Era, LLC

This loan is to launch the New Era Windows cooperative from the remains of Serious Energy's Chicago windows business. The loan buys equipment and provides working capital to start this groundbreaking cooperative and work with it to profitability.

Chicago, United States
August 13, 2012
US $ 665,000.00
Project with Textile Factory

The loan is to redesign the business' website, build an online sales platform, to cover fixed costs, purchase new computers, and hire a business manager/consultant.

New York City, United States
July 27, 2012
US $ 23,000.00
Project with Si Se Puede

Production materials for the cooperative's green cleaning products.

New York, United States
April 06, 2012
US $ 1,500.00
Project with Si Se Puede

Project with Si Se Puede to explore possibility of manufacturing green cleaning products.

New York, United States
April 06, 2012
US $ 1,000.00
Project with Bright Little Stars

New York, United States
US $ 56,800.00
Project with Cleaning in Action

Detroit, United States
US $ 25,000.00
Project with Baltimore Bicycle Works

Baltimore, United States
US $ 110,000.00
Project with Ride On!

Los Angeles, United States
US $ 19,247.00
Project with Rock Steady Farm and Flowers

Millerton, United States
US $ 47,800.00