• Thinking about selling your business?

    Learn how selling to your employees can be the answer.

The Working World is a leading partner for business owners interested in selling their company to their employees. We provide:

The capital that employees need to buy the business from the founder:

Our loan fund is capitalized by investors interested in creating social and environmental impact by broadening ownership opportunities. We’ve invested millions of dollars in employee-owned businesses and conversions, and we are looking to grow that.

The expertise needed to ensure a smooth transition to employee-ownership: 

Over the last fifteen years, The Working World has provided hands-on support to hundreds of businesses. We are there every step of the way to make sure that the employees are ready to take over where the business owner leaves off.

Some reasons to consider partnering with our team to sell your company:

Get a fair price, without buyer financing issues
As a Community Development Financial Institution, we have the funds to purchase without having to apply for a loan from a commercial bank or SBA Lender.
Preserve your legacy
Selling to your employees with our support makes sure that your business and the jobs it creates continue to serve your community into the next generation.
Avoid capital gains taxes and broker’s fees
The Internal Revenue Code Section 1042 provides beneficial tax treatment to owners who sell stock to employees, and coming straight to The Working World means you can skip the normal broker’s fee for selling your business.

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