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Radix Media

Project with Radix Media
EN: Loan for up to $6000 or 4 months to purchase fixed capital for a fledgling cooperative that has emerged from Occupy Wall Street and intends to make copies, buttons, and stickers.
OccuCopy has emerged from the Occupy Wall Street movement, where since the beginning interest had been growing regarding the possibility of building worker cooperatives as lasting institutions that embody the movement's values in a pragmatic and sustainable fashion. OccuCopy represents an initial effort to put something on the ground, grown out of the specific fact that OWS's Outreach department was spending around $2,000 a week on copies at the local Staples and Apple Copiers. After securing a percentage of these sales and subsidized office space at the Brooklyn Commons, OccuCopy decided to recur to The Working World to finance the purchase of several pieces of fixed capital to grow into a functional business. The first of these items were two copy machines. Also spoken about was the need to buy supporting pieces of fixed capital (paper cutter, for example) and the possibility to buy a button machine with the credit line in the coming months.
NameRadix Media
Signing DateNovember 22, 2011
Loan AmountAR$3,666
Repayment Schedule

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